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WpResidence has been chosen by over 25,000+ buyers for its flexible features and excellent custom support services. 

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WpResidence was rated 5 star by over 1,500+ customers for its customizability, design and code, and support efficiency.

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With WpResidence you get access to a comprehensive documentation and tens of narrated video tutorials .

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44 Pre-made Demo Websites

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44 real estate website templates come packaged right inside WpResidence. Each template is can be modified, and you can change theme options, mix and match features as desired. Demo homepages are built with Elementor page builder.

Main Demo
Single Agent Demo
Single agent Demo
Single Agent Demo
Real Estate Demo
Real Estate Demo
Real Estate Demo
Real Estate Demo
Commercial Real Estate
Single Agent Demo
iDX/MLS sync by MLSImport
iDX/MLS sync by MLSImport
Demo with 3k listings sync by MLSImport
Single Agent Demo
Land Real Estate
Real Estate Demo
Real Estate Demo
Real Estate Demo
Single agency demo
Real Estate Demo
Single agency demo
Dark Header Demo
Real Estate Demo
Real Estate Demo
Real Estate Demo
Single Agent Demo
Real Estate Demo
Real Estate Demo
Real Estate Demo
Single Agent Demo
Real Estate Demo
Real Estate Demo
Demo with Payments via WooCommerce
Real Estate Demo
Real Estate Demo
Real Estate Demo
Demo with Payments via WooCommerce
Real Estate Demo
Demo in Spanish
Demo in Portuguese
Demo in German
Demo in Italian
Demo in French
Demo in Arabic - RTL

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We constantly add new videos to our YouTube Channel presenting you in detail new theme features and how they work. Our latest videos are shared below. Subscribe for more.

Everything for Real Estate

Property Page Options

The powerful customization options & features available give you flexibility to create the property page you want, including designing your custom layout!

Property with Masonry Gallery
Property with Header Slider
Property with Full Header Slider
Property with Image Gallery
Property with Vertical Slider
Property with Horizontal Slider
Property with Classic Slider
Property with Tabs Content
Property with Accordion Content
Property with Header Virtual Tour
Property with Virtual Tour
Property with Custom Template

Property Elements

The property page supports different elements that can be turned on and off, depending on what you wish to showcase as part of your listings.

Virtual Tour

Include animated virtual tours. These tours are created with separate software, but they have a big impact on your visitors. 

Yelp Reviews

Include in the listing body ratings of best restaurants, shopping, nightlife, food, entertainment, things to do, services. 


Show statistics about how many times a property has been accessed, and how many views it has per day. 

Secondary Agents

Select additional agents for a a property. Each agent will get the contact form messages in their own email.

Floor Plans

Upload floor plans: image for each floor plan and additional information about each photo price, size or lot size.

Property Reviews

Enable the reviews area, which is limited only to registered users. You can moderate each review.


Walkscore can rate a location by how walking friendly it is. Visitors will see the property Walkscore rating in a special section.

Energy Index

For the European real estate market it has become mandatory to include for each property the Energy Index rating and value. 

PDF Downloads

Add unlimited documents in .PDF format to every one of your listings. It can be a presentation, brochure, or more.

Properties List Pages

Unlimited options to showcase property types and key features, while making it extremely easy for your visitors to browse and sort listings.

Create Lists by Categories

Select from admin which property categories you want to show in list, and in which order. 

Ajax Filtering

Search properties with AJAX in the same page, fast and efficient. Easily sort properties by price, bedrooms, publish date and more.

Creative design

You have several options to design your lists. We offer different property card design options and Zillow style modal.

Zillow style modal

Click on any card and check the full property details in a Zillow style modal. 

Property list with maps on the right or left

The half map design can be created as a standalone page, or set for the advanced search results page and the property taxonomy page. Property cards can be shown as list or grid.

Property list with or without sidebar

An elegant design to list properties, with a sidebar on the left, meant to allow you to add extra widgets that grab your visitors’ attention. Cards can be show in list or grid format.

Property list as directory style layout

Create a special listing page with dedicated search filters (type, category, state, city, area), special sliders for property size, property lot size, bedrooms, bathrooms, rooms and price, and a check list with features and amenities added in admin.

Seven Property Cards Versions

Choose between seven property card design options or build yours from theme options. You can showcase properties in list or grid. 

Default Property Card - Grid View
Default Property Card - List View
Default Property Card Design Version 2
Default Property Card Design Version 3
Default Property Card Design Version 3
Default Property Card Design Version 4
Default Property Card Design Version 5
Default Property Card Design Version 6

Perfect & Responsive

Mobile Ready

Residence theme is retina ready and fully responsive. From property details, maps, lists, agent details and contact form, every detail will render correctly on small devices.

Agent, Agency, Developer & User

Advanced Dashboard

Fully administrate a real estate platform, coordinate your agents, accept submissions from agencies, agents, users or developers and many more.

Dashboard Account Overview
Dashboard Profile Management Page
Dashboard View with User's Properties
Submit Listing Form for User
Dashboard with User's Favorite Listings
Dashboard with User's Saved Searches

Dashboard Elements

The property page supports different elements that can be turned on and off, depending on what you wish to showcase as part of your listings.

Favorite Properties

Visitors can save favourite properties and they show in a list in their user dashboard account. From here favourite properties can be managed quickly.

Save Search & Email Alert

Visitors can save their searches and get email notifications when new properties published show on the site. Searches can be deleted from user dashboard.

Instant Messages Inbox

Send private messages to agents and reply quickly to any message received. These messages are saved in user dashboard system to track past conversations.

Submit Properties

You can allow from end submissions, and fully manage the submit form fields and mandatory fields. Add your own custom fields and they sync with the front submission too.

Manage Properties

Your users can disable or enable a published property, delete a listing or edit it at any time. It’s also easy to find a specific properties using a dedicated search tool.

User Types

Enable / disable user roles from admin. If enabled, you can let visitors choose on register between users, agents, developers or agencies and you can manually approve them.

WooCommerce Payments

The theme works with the most popular payment gateways, Stripe, and Paypal. For those who wish to have Wire Transfer (offline payment), we support that as well.

Membership Submission

Create membership packages for each user role, and set for each package the number of included listings, a number of featured properties included, and package duration in days, weeks, months, or years.

Paid Submission

Enable the possibility to pay per listing and each user who wishes to publishes a property will have to pay a fee before. The theme allows you to add an extra fee to make a property featured.

Admin, Agent, Agency, Developer & User

WPEstate CRM Included

Manage the emails and contacts/leads received through theme’s forms from the admin dashboard OR let each user, agent, agency or developer to manage their leads and contacts from the user dashboard.

Manage Contacts

All users who send you a message through the property or profile forms will be saved as a new contact. You can edit the contact and add more information to it from your account. 

Manage Messages

All the messages sent through the theme forms will be saved as new leads and will be connected to the contact who sent the message. You can manage these leads by adding notes, and more. 

Add new contact

You can add new contacts or new leads manually. You can also connect a new message with a new contact for an easier management of your CRM contacts. 

CRM Leads

Each agent, agency and developer can manage the messages and contacts received through their properties or their profile pages from their user dashboard.  

CRM Contacts

Each agent, agency and developer can manage the messages and contacts received through their properties or their profile pages from their user dashboard.  

Admin, Agent, Agency, Developer & User

HUBSPOT API Integration

Automatically import all theme forms messages and sender details into HubSpot CRM and extend the theme CRM with a complete solution. 

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM has everything you need to organize, track, and build better relationships with leads and customers. And it is 100% free.

WpResidence is the only theme to offer complete integration with this CRM. Watch the video for full details. 

Users, Agents, Agencies & Developers

Enable register for property owners, agents , agencies or developers. Each user will manage their listings and profile information from their dashboard.

User Separation

Users can choose their user profile level when registering. They can be simple users, agents, agencies or developers. You control which types are available and you can manually approve the profile pages.

Agent Management

Agencies and Developers can add agents that work for their company by themselves, directly from their dashboard account. Listings created by these agents show on the company and agent’s profile.

Users Lists

You can create pages that lists the registered agents , agencies or developers. Also you can have these users listed by their categories and specialisations (sales/rentals etc), or you can list them with specific widgets.

Membership Control

Any listing published by an agent will be used from the paid membership package purchased by their agency/developer. 

Custom Fields for Agent

When an agent is created you  add custom text fields to its profile. You will find the added information listed on the agent personal page.

User Type Pages

Each Agent, Agency or Developer has their special page. The design is different for each user type, but every one includes all the info related to that particular user.


You can enable / disable reviews for agent, agencies or developers. Users will be able to post a review and share their experience. Comments are automatically published or moderated by admin.

My Listings with Ajax

On the personal/company pages we list the properties using tabs and ajax technology. Now you can filter someone’s listings without having to reload the page.

CRM Integrations

Agencies, agents, and developers can manage listings from their CRM dashboard and they can also connect to their individual HUBSPOT CRM account through API. 


The Real Estate agent user type has its page and is able to publish listings from the front end interface.

On the agent page you will find an “about me” section, a contact form and of course their properties listed by category.


On Agency Page we  feature the company logo, their contact information and an about us section.

Their listings (including the ones from their agents) are displayed using a tab & ajax technology for easy filtering.


The Developer user type can be used to feature their new real estate projects on your website. Their page will show their contact info, their real estate offers and of course the agents that work for the company.

As all user types profiles, the listings on developer page are displayed via tabs & ajax technology for easy filtering.

Agents List

Easily manage the agents you wish to publish as members of your Agency or Developer office. Disable all enable the agent (and his listings) with one click. 

You can look for a specific agent by searching for his or her name in the specific search field.

Add or Edit Agent

You can add or edit the agents as an Agency or Developer account. The edit interface has all the options of the single-agent profile which the agent can manage from his account as well. 

In this interface you can add custom fields or agent personal information.

Make Money with the built-in

Membership System

If you want to monetize your real estate website you can use the theme membership system with recurring payments or the pay per listing mode. 

Detailed Documentation

The theme offers Membership based submission or Paid Submission, and has Woo Support for payments. Read more How Membership System Works,  How Paid Submission Works and How to use WooCommerce Payments

Create Membership Packages

You can define your membership packages and decide what you want to offer and for how much money . You can define the no. of listings, no. of featured listings and no. of image per property.

Recurring Payments

Your users can opt in for a recurring type payment. This way, the system will process the membership fees automatically. Works with the theme built-in merchants only, PayPal and Stripe.

Package per User Type

You can choose for which user type each new membership applies. This way you can create packages only for agents, agencies,  developers or regular users.

Pay by Listing

User adds a property, pays a fee and the system will publish the new listing when payment is received and / or approved by admin. Ask an extra fee for featured status.

Choose Your Currency

You can set the currency for the payments. This option is limited to your merchant supported currencies, but you can choose any currency for the wire transfer option.

Woo Commerce Support

Enable and use any WooCommerce supported merchant for payments.  The Woo Commerce options will not apply to the recurring option. 

PayPal Integration

You can enable PayPal payments simply by adding your API Details. After that you will be able to collect money in your account using regular or recurring payments.

Stripe SCA Ready

Stripe is one of the biggest card processors in the online market. Just signup, get your Api key and use it to enable credit card transactions on your website.

Everything for Real Estate

350+ Theme Options

With over 350 options to manage different options from admin, Residence is the most featured real estate theme you will find. 

Compatible Plugins

WpResidence includes integration for the most popular plugins, including Elementor Builder & WooCommerce for processing payments, MLS Import for importing MLS properties, and offers you as included 3 premium add-ons with the theme license purchase: Bakery Builder, Ultimate Addons and Rev Slider.

WpEstate is a Power Elite Author

WpResidence is 100%
Envato Compliant

You are purchasing from Envato Power Elite authors, with proven 5-star record for customer support and more. The theme has been rewarded with the Envato Compliant Badge, an audit for themes that are up to the latest WordPress and Envato Coding & Securitiy standards. We are here to help with any question you may have.


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Website owners, freelances, agencies, everyone can use WpResidence to build a powerful real estate website.  

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