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The Most Versatile
Real Estate Theme

WpResidence is a very well crafted premium real estate theme, with over 350 neatly organized theme options included to help you create a unique and modern real estate website.


Included Demos

Demo can easily be imported with one click. Each template is fully customizable,
and you can mix and match features as desired.
Main Demo
WooCommerce Payments for Paid Submission Demo
Single Agent Demo
Chicago Demo
Rio Demo
WooCommerce Payments for Membership Submission Demo
Los Angeles Demo
Paris Demo
London Demo
New York Demo
Tokyo Demo
Sydney Demo
Rome Demo

Works With
The Following

WpResidence includes integration for the most popular plugins, including Elementor Builder & WooCommerce for processing payments, MLS Import for importing MLS properties, and offers you as included 3 premium add-ons with the theme license purchase: Bakery Builder, Ultimate Addons and Rev Slider.


Features of

Advanced Search

Residence is the most versatile theme on the market by allowing you to take control over every aspect of advanced search options.

Unlimited Custom Fields

In theme admin you can add unlimited custom fields for properties, which you can also add in advanced search too. Theme supports: dropdown, number (input field), text (input field) or date format fields.


We allow you to set how many fields you want to have in advanced search, and then you can choose what fields to have for each position, all managed from theme admin. You can add unlimited fields.


In admin you add your own features and amenities for properties. From your list of features you can select which to show in advanced search (checkbox style), or if you wish to show features at all.


This feature gives your visitors the possibility to search for real estate properties located within their chosen radius, around a proximity point selected from Google Maps, in miles or kilometers.


This feature helps visitors refine their searches by returning properties suggestions as they select any search field or check any feature. With this valuable option, it’s extremely easy to refine search options on the fly.


The theme uses AJAX to automatically show the results: in google maps (if this is enabled) or as a list and in google maps (if you use the half map style page). An efficient way to your visitors’ to search and find properties.


Sticky search option gives you the possibility to show advanced search always in view, even when the user scrolls down the page. It is an option that can be turned on / off from admin for all pages where search shows.


Show advanced search before or after media header, or over the header (floating style). With 9 search types available and these search positions included you can create different and beautiful design variations.


Users can save each property search and get email alerts (daily or weekly) if new properties published match the saved options. Users can also delete these searched from their dashboard with one click.


The theme supports multi-currency display, managed with a special widget which you can customize from admin. The price slider in search will sync with any multi-currency widget selection.

Preview Results

Now it’s extremely easy for your visitors to fine-tune their searches as they can see properties suggestions as they select any search field.


Geo Location Search

A powerful tool for visitors to find properties within a geolocation radius, set in miles or kilometers.

Property Page

34 options

The powerful customization options & features available give you flexibility to create the property page you want.

Property Page


Combine different single property page elements or create your own design. Whichever you choose for your business, will be the best choice.

Design Your Own Page

A unique feature you will find just with the Residence real estate theme, is the option to create your own property page template with included shortocdes and features. Unlimited possibilities, all managed from admin.

Change Colors

Every color in the theme can be modified to your own directly from admin options. From header to footer, from background to color text, you are in full control of your site design, including your property page colors and styling.

Page with Animation Slider

Page with Animation Slider

Create awesome property pages with a smooth Ken Burns slider effect that everyone loves. You can upload large images and type caption text for each image, graphical elements that grab users' attention from the first glance.

With the auto-scroll effect, and the slider effect, you're guaranteed to captivate your visitors attention and determine them scroll further to find our more about your interesting property.

Full width property page

Full width property page

A full width property page is a listing page with no sidebar, a choice you may wish to make for your design if you want users to stay focused on the content, and not get distracted by extra sidebar widgets.

The theme allows you to control sidebar position (left, right or none) and sidebar type from admin area. You can also control the theme grid width for the entire site, if you wish to make the body content wider than the default grid (which is 1200 px).

Page with Vertical Slider

Page with Vertical Slider

One of the many design options for property page slider is the vertical thumb slider type. This is a classic design version which many clients appreciate and use.

The first slider can be a video from YouTube or Vimeo (if you add one), but you can also check the property map position and pin (the map shows when you choose to not set the header to google maps).

Page with Agent on Sidebar

Page with Agent on Sidebar

The theme has several options for property agent, including the position for agent details and contact form, which you can set to be on the sidebar, or in property page content.

Agent position on sidebar can be on the right or left, depending on how you set sidebar position in theme admin. These details are listed first, so users can easily see them and be able to contact the agent for further information with just one click.

Page with horizontal slider

Page with horizontal slider

The horizontal thumb slider is a design variation of the vertical thumb slider, also a classic slider type, but with a twist: the image thumbs can be closed / opened with one click.

The first slide can be a video from YouTube or Vimeo (if you add that). From the same slider, 1 click away, users can access the map with property details and location (this option automatically applies only if the header media is not set to Google Maps).

Page with Map Header

Page with Map Header

You can easily set the property Google Maps position and details to be first in sight when landing on the listing page. The page will open with the property custom pin position, but also with details such as: featured image, price, bedrooms, bathrooms, size and categories.

Users can easily open the map in full screen, see nearby interest points (transport, farmacies etc), zoom in our zoom out the map, or check the Street View version of the map. From admin area, you have global or per page options for the map height. And each property can have a custom street view camera angle (or no street view at all).

Page with Multi Image slider

Page with Multi Image slider

The multi-image slider is a modern design variation of the property slider. It has caption support, if you wish to add text details about each image, and navigation arrows, to browse easily through multiple images.

All our property sliders support Lightbox gallery (which activates when clicking on any image). This gallery can show just images or also the agent contact form.

Page with Full Width Gallery

Page with Full Width Gallery

This modern slider allows you to display images 100% screen wide, and create a nice visual impact for your visitors when landing on your properties pages.

This slider fits nicely for properties with beautiful large images.

Page With Image Gallery

Page With Image Gallery

Properties images can be set to display as a slick & modern gallery, with max 6 images listed in view. On click a special Lightbox gallery shows, allowing to browse through all the images attached.

This design can be set globally for all properties directly from admin area.

Page with Subunits

Page with Subunits

Residence theme supports subunits for all properties, added from admin and from front user dashboard. Subunits are selected from published properties and they show on the parent property page as a list, right at the beginning of the listing description.

When site users do a search, subunits show in search results as individual listings. When landing on the property page, users can see other subunits from the same building, and have a link to the parent property.

What to show on

Property Page

Property page supports different elements that can be turned on and off, depending on what you wish to showcase as part of your listings.


Highlight the best of your property with an animated virtual tour. These tours are created with separate software, but they have a big impact on your visitors. Add the tour in header media or in the listing body.


Yelp allows you to include in the listing body user summary ratings of best restaurants, shopping, nightlife, food, entertainment, things to do, services. You choose which and how many points of interest to show.


Grab your visitors’ attention with interesting statistics about how many times a property has been accessed, and how many views it has per day. Disable or enable this option from admin.


If you need to show more than one agent in a property, the theme allows you to select as many additional agents as you need. Each agent will get the contact form messages in their own email.


For each property you can upload floor plans, which represents an image for each floor plan and additional information about each photo price, size or lot size. You can add unlimited floor plans or no floor plan at all.


Do you wish to let visitors share their feedback about the property? You can do that by enabling the reviews area, which is limited only to registered users (no spam allowed). You can moderate each review.


A popular tool nowadays is Walkscore, which can rate a location by how walking friendly it is. The theme allows you to enable this option and your visitors will see the property Walkscore rating in a special section.


We know that in the Real Estate business is very important to get all the details from a customer from the first contact. Add to your contact form the schedule a showing fields, for visitors to include these details with their request.


For the European real estate market it has become mandatory to include for each property the Energy Index rating and value. Residence is the only theme on the market to offer you these options for your listings.


Another awesome feature in Residence is that it allows you to add unlimited documents in .PDF format to every one of your listings. It can be a presentation, brochure, an open house invitation or more.

Property List


Listing page options cover your needs to showcase property types and key features, while making it extremely easy for your visitors to browse and sort listings.


Select from admin which properties you want to show in list, and in which order. You can choose listings from specific categories, types, cities, areas or states and you have different options for ordering them.

Ajax Filtering

Allow your visitors to browse through all your properties and filter results with AJAX in the same page, fast and efficient. Easily sort properties by price, bedrooms, publish date and more.

All property lists support AJAX filtering and update the map in real time


Property List with Sidebar Left and Grid View style

An elegant design to list properties, with sidebar on the left, meant to allow you to add extra widgets that grab your visitors’ attention.

The sidebars and widgets are fully managed from the admin area, and you can use any of the dedicated real estate widgets included in the theme or those that come with WordPress by default.


Property List with Sidebar Right and List View style

Properties can be listed in grid or list style, with sidebar on the left, on the right or no sidebar at all, in any of these combinations.

Sidebar position enables you the possibility to add a separate area for extra widgets. Manage sidebars and widgets as you wish.


Property List – Directory Design

Residence theme does what others don’t. It allows you to create a special listing page with dedicated search filters (type, category, state, city, area), special sliders for property size, property lot size, bedrooms, bathrooms, rooms and price, and a check list with features and amenities added in admin.

You have control over the sliders min and max values and more.


Property List Full Width and Four Cards per row

For clients who prefer a classic design, we have you covered. The theme allows you to manage from admin the possibility to show 4 property cards per row, alternative to the modern look with 3 cards per row.

The same option will work with sidebar on the left, on the right or no sidebar at all.


Half Map Style with List View

Residence is the only real estate that gives the possibility to set your own advanced search custom fields, and those sync with the properties list half map page.

The half map design can be created as a standalone page, or set for advanced search results page and the property taxonomy page.


Half Map Style with Grid View

The theme includes a global option to set properties in list or grid view, which will be applied throughout all the lists, including half map page.

Another global option will allow you to manage how many properties to show per page in all lists.

Perfect & Reponsive

Mobile Ready

Residence theme is retina ready and fully responsive. From property details, maps, lists, agent details and contact form, every detail will render correctly on small devices.


30+ Header

Styles & Options

The theme offers you 7 menu types, and each one is easily customizable. Enable transparent menu for a modern look, or create an elegant mega menu to make your website easy to navigate.

Mega Menu

The theme has a mega menu, with custom widgets. You can show the menu items on 3 or 4 columns, separated by a border or decorated with a beautiful background image.

6 Hover Options

To enhance your site appearance, the theme includes 6 different hover types for the main menu area. You also have full control of the colors of the entire menu area.

Customizable Top Bar

Add extra top bar widgets above the menu area, an area dedicated to contact information, social accounts, multi currency or multi size widget or any other widget you wish to show.

Login / Register Section

The login / register area is managed from admin options. You can turn this on / off at any time, and you can also add extra login / register options: social login, type password or let the system create the password, recaptcha.

Transparent Header

Transparent header is an elegant touch for websites nowadays, especially if you wish to add an interactive header media banner, a video or a slider. You can set transparent header for all pages or for specific ones.

Mobile Header

When entering responsive mode, you can show a particular menu just for mobile devices. The menu items are fully managed from admin by you, as well as the mobile menu colors.


Several Media

Header Options

As header, choose to display Google Maps, with custom height or full screen, or a full-screen header with a video / image. Enable Parallax for all image headers, or use a Slider Revolution. Or even better, choose one of the 3 elegant property slider designs.


Video Background header is in design trends nowadays, and as the best real estate theme we offer you this option too. Choose a custom overlay color for a special effect, set video in full screen or add a custom height, as well as other features.


You can create a beautiful full-header with parallax effect with just a few clicks. Add an overlay color when necessary for an elegant effect and for your custom text to be easily read by your visitors. Manage the image header height or set it full screen.

Google Map Header with Custom Markers and Ajax Filters


Open Street or Google Maps Header with Price Markers and Ajax Filters


Theme Slider Version 1


Theme Slider Version 2


Theme Slider Version 3


Revolution Slider


Image Header


Video Header


Splash Page
3 Versions

Splash pages are used to promote your company and products, and with Residence you get three design variations for such a template.

Advanced User Dashboard

As best seller theme, Residence gives you full power over your website by allowing you to fully administrate a real estate platform, coordinate your agents, accept submissions from agencies, agents, users or developers and many more.


You can allow from end submissions, and fully manage the submit form fields and mandatory fields. Add your own custom fields and they sync with the front submission too.


Your users can disable or enable a published property, delete a listing or edit it at any time. It’s also easy to find a specific properties using a dedicated search tool.


Your visitors can save favourite properties and they show in a list in their user dashboard account. From here favourite properties can be deleted or accessed with 1 click.


Visitors can easily save their searches and get email notifications when new properties published show on the site. Searches can be deleted from user dashboard at any time.


Send private messages to agents and reply quickly to any message received. These messages are saved in user dashboard system and you can easily track past conversations.


Enable / disable user roles from admin. If enabled, you can let visitors choose on register between users, agents, developers or agencies. Profiles for agent, agencies or developers can be published only with admin approval.


As Agency or Developer you can add your own agents from front end dashboard. Each agent added will use the listings included in the Agency / Developer membership package (if that is enabled).


The theme works with the most popular payment gateways, Stripe and Paypal. For those who wish to have Wire Transfer (offline payment), we support that as well.


Enable the possibility to pay per listing and each user who wishes to publishes a property will have to pay a fee before. The theme allows you to add an extra fee to make a property featured.


Create membership packages for each user role, and set for each package the number of included listings, number of featured properties included and package duration in days, weeks, months or years.

Money & Membership System

If you want to monetize your real estate website you can use the theme membership system with recurring payments or the pay per listing mode. Both systems work with Paypal, Stripe or Direct Wire Transfer OR WooCommerce payments.

Read: How Membership System Works,  How Paid Submission Works and How to use WooCommerce Payments

Create membership packages

You can define your own membership packages and decide what you want to offer and for how much money . You can define the no. of listings, no. of featured listings and no. of image per property.

Pay Per Listing

The theme allows you to let users publish their listings on your website using the pay per listing option. It is simple: user adds a property, pays a fee and the system will publish the new listing when payment is received and / or approved by admin.

Package per user Type

When you define the membership package you can choose for which user type it applies. This way you can create packages only for agents, agencies,  developers or regular users.

Expiration date

Each free listing that is published on your website can have an expiration date. If the publish period has passed the listing will not be visible anymore.

Invoice System

For every transaction that is made through your website we generate an invoice that is stored and can be accessed at a later date.

Choose Your Currency

You can set the currency for the payments that will happen through your website. This option is limited to Paypal or Stripe supported currencies, but you can choose any currency for the wire transfer option.

Recurring Payments

Your users can opt in for a recurring type payment. This way, the system will process the membership fees automatically.  You can also set the time period duration when you define that membership package.

Paypal Payments

You can enable PayPal payments simply by adding your API Details. After that you will be able to collect money in your account using regular or recurring payments.

Stripe Payments

Stripe is one of the biggest card processors in the online market. Just signup, get your Api key and use it to enable credit card transactions on your website.

Wire Transfer

You can receive money using wire transfer.  Users will send you the fee directly to your bank account and you will manually activate their purchase after you receive the money.


Still Not Convinced ?

Over 900 Five Stars Reviews from Happy Customers

  • I have tried many real estate themes but this is the last one I will ever use. Works very well, and has a lot of awesome customization options, much more than I imagined.The best for me is that Residence continually exceeds my expectations. Unlike most themes I've tried, it allows me to easily design and develop different ideas while offering a wide range of useful features. I confidently recommend this theme to anyone looking to build a real estate website that is easy to manage, is fast and has a great impact for customers. Great job!

    Mary Jonas
  • An excellent theme, with unlimited design possibilities and options. The versatility is quite impressive. Once you become familiar with the UI, the design possibilities are quite many. And I enjoy to see that with every update it gets even better.I've had the best customer support from these guys, always making sure I get the best experience and all the answers they can offer, which is not something you see often. I warmly recommend it to anyone interested in a real estate theme.

    Cagan Consultancy
  • ...fell in love with the customer support which provided exceptional quick response time and quick solutions. The setup of the theme can be overwhelming in the beginning since there are a lot of options to choose from. so digging into customization is key.

  • The theme is great for many reasons: Many cool and useful features Very flexible Great customer support - quick answers Highly customizable Thank you very much for a wonderful theme. Highly recommended

  • The theme is extremely flexible and full of features. Support is great, always ready to help. I am not an expert and I have bought the theme one month ago. I was afraid about not being able to achieve what I had in mind.In this time I have been able to migrate my old website and build a complete structure to manage a community of more than 200 users.I made many customizations myself and with the help of the supot team. The design of the theme is clean and modern. With the integration of revolution slider I was able to build some very impressive pages.Even more important: the theme is very well organized and optimized, so my site loads quickly.If you ask me how it could improve: Documentation could better organized, sometimes I search and have to wait support to point me on the right doc page....But for the price of the theme I really cant ask for anything more. Much more value than I have ever expected.Great Theme absolutely recommended!

  • I had to come rate this theme for the customer support!I believe I am stretching this theme to the limits and have run into a few issues that had me stumped. Though the customer service they provide was very quick, accurate, and informative!I do wish there was more of a index on what does what on the site. I always try to research as much as possible before submitting a ticket and asking for help. Though they are very proactive with customer support!

  • Great theme and super-fast support. They support are always nice and informative no matter how many tickets you open them :). The theme is easy to manage and very customisable. The site setup was easy once you understand the WordPress platform and its general terms.

  • First of all the Theme has everything you can think of. I randomly thought of features and theme was offering more than that. But this Theme is the second best thing, First is the customer support. Its been weeks and I've been opening tickets for every small thing I cant figure out and the team on the other side is so active and polite that they reply me within minutes (which is exceptional) and never say "sorry we cant do this" One way or another they always find a way to provide me with a solution. They don't just tell me what to do they do it for me. This is one of the best purchase I ever made. Thank you so much.

  • I reviewed and purchased a number of different RE Themes before settling on WPResidence.I've developed two sites so far using this theme; these customers have dramatically different needs, and styles and this theme works great for both of them. I have a third to develop and I will rebuy again.The shining star of this product is their Customer Support, it's outstanding.They have a ticket system with quick and smart replies and they do not leave you hanging with the old 'must be another plug-in' that is causing the issues.Do not hesitate to purchase this product! Thanks annapx for a great product!


Users, Agents, Agencies

& Developers

WpResidence features four user types: Users – for the simple visitors, Agents for single realtors that want to publish listings, Agencies for real estate organizations that want superior control and Developers for those who promote new real estate projects.


Users can choose their user profile level when registering. They can be simple users, agents, agencies or developers. You control which types are available on your website and you can manually approve the profile pages (if you wish that).

Agent Management

Agencies and Developers can add agents that work for their company by themselves, directly from their dashboard account. Any listing created by these agents will also be listed on the company and agents’ personal profile pages.

User Lists

You can create pages that lists the registered agents , agencies or developers. Also you can have these users listed by their categories and specialisations (sales/rentals etc), or you can list them with specific shortcodes.

Membership Control

Any listing published by an agent will be used from the paid membership package purchased by their agency/developer. Agencies or developers will be able to disable company agents or their listings.

Custom Fields for Agents

When an agent is created you have the possibility to add custom text fields to its profile.  You will find the added information listed on the agent personal page.

User type Pages

Each Agent, Agency or Developer has their own special page. The design is different for each user type, but every one includes all the info related to that particular user (including listings and company agents).


You can enable / disable reviews for agent, agencies or developers.  Users will be able to post a review and share their experience. Comments are automatically published or moderated by admin.

My Listings with Ajax

On the personal/company pages we list the properties using tabs and ajax technology. Now you can filter someone listings without having to reload the page.

Different List Cards

Each user type has its own listing card.  Beside picture/logo, we show contact details and other useful information like number of listings and agents that work for that company.

Manual Assignment

While we don’t recommend doing this, you can manually assign agents and listings to agencies or developers.



The Real Estate agent user type has its own personal page and is able to publish listings from the front end interface.

On the agent page you will find an “about me” section, a contact form and of course their properties listed by category.

You can also create agent lists in various combinations.



On Agency Page we  feature the company logo, their contact information and an about us section.

Their listings (including the ones from their agents) are displayed using a tab & ajax technology for easy filtering.

There is also an agency list page template and taxonomy page where the agencies are listed by category.



The Developer user type can be used to feature their new real estate projects on your website. Their page will show their contact info, their real estate offers and of course the agents that work for the company.

As all user types profiles, the listings on developer page are displayed via tabs & ajax technology for easy filtering.

We also created a developer list page and you can also use taxonomy pages in case you want to show only a certain category of developers. Moreover, you can use featured developer shortcode to highlight a specific user in homepage or any other page.


Theme Options

With over 350 options to manage different options from admin, Residence is the most featured real estate theme you will find. From design, to search settings, property custom fields and more, this theme can do what you need. Check the screenshots for detailed information.


Create easily anything you want with Residence theme, from a custom property template to a custom property unit card, set your own custom colors, use the theme in boxed or wide layout and manage the site width, and many more.


The theme purpose is to focus on all your real estate needs, and with that in mind we add new features and options in the theme on a regular basis.

Dedicated Customer Support

From a Power Elite Author

You are purchasing from Envato Power Elite authors, with proven 5-star record for customer support and more. We are here to help with any question you may have.

Extensive up-to-date Theme Documentation & Videos

As WP Residence client you get access to an extensive help document, video tutorials and a dedicated support team to help with any theme feature available.

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